Black History Month pt 13

I’m not late today 🙂
Also wish I was English.

Gabrielle Makes History


Happy Black History Month pt. 11 :)

Lt. Gen Nadja West became a three-star general in February of 2016, which made her the 1st black woman to reach this position in the US Army.
-Bonus: she’s the highest ranking woman of ANY race that graduated from West Point.
-Bonus: she became the 1st black surgeon general in 2015
-Bonus: she was Army Medicine’s first black female two-star general
-Bonus: she has a degree in engineering and a doctorate in medicine



Lt. Gen. West Profile

Happy Black History Month pt. 9

(I know I’m a little late but these things happen and pt. 10 will still come out today lol)

So a long time ago I was hella bored and started watching Ted Talks when I stumbled across the name, Mellody Hobson. She talks about her field of expertise (financial literacy and running a business) from the perspective of a black woman in corporate America.

She is currently the president of an uber successful company, Ariel Investments (“one of the largest African-American-owned money management firms in the United States”) and has been since 2000. Mellody is the chair of the board for DreamWorks Animation, as well as serving on the boards for Starbucks and Estee Lauder (which is random but she’s rich so who cares?)
She’s also a super philanthropist and probably does more charity work than you’ll ever dream of trying to do in your lifetime 🙂


Mellody’s Ted Talk


Also if you want some details on her life:

Why Everyone Loves Mellody Hobson

Happy Black History Month pt. 8 :D

Christopher James Priest was the 1st black editor at Marvel Comics in the 70’s and the first at DC comics in the 90’s. He’s the first black writer to work on and write major titles like Power Man & Iron Fist, Spider-man, and a fan favorite volume of Black Panther. He’s currently writing the ongoing series “DC Rebirth: Deathstroke” which started late 2016. He took a break from mainstream comic writing in 2005 until now because he was starting to get labeled a “black writer for black characters” and felt confined. He wanted to be able to write for any character at any time, which is why he agreed to start again with the new Deathstroke title.
He’s also ordained so that’s a plus. lol

Life & Times of Priest

Back to Black? No No.deathstroke

‘sup everyone. Happy Black History Month pt 5 :)

So this is Bradford Young. He did the cinematography for the film, Arrival. AND YOU GUYS KNOW THAT’S MY FAVORITE MOVIE AND IT’S GOT SOME BEAUTIFUL IMAGERY THANKS TO THIS MAN HERE.
He’s nominated for an Academy Award this year, only the second black person to even be nominated in the cinematography category (the 1st was Remi Adefarasin in 1998)…isn’t that insane?? Anyway. He’s also up for a BAFTA (kinda like the British academy awards) which is probably even more amazing.

Happy Black History Month pt 4 (Feb 4, 2017

Fun Fact: A black person has never won best director at the Academy Awards. Barry Jenkins is the 4th to be nominated (John Singleton, Lee Daniels, and Steve McQueen have been nominated before and have yet to nab a win)
So I’m rooting for Barry come February 26th lol
Also if he wins a Director’s Guild Award TONIGHT, it’ll definitely be historic for a black director. So fingers crossed ya’ll

Barry Jenkins: Directing extraordinaire 

(update: Damien Chazelle won the DGA but Barry getting recognized is lit too fam)