New Pop Music update (as of 5/20/17)

*Selena Gomez – Bad Liar: 3/5

  • idk but i like it its like…weird but tempo changes and unsteady beats are not a deal breaker in my book okay?????

*Camila Cabello – Crying in the Club: 5/5 (this hurts my soul a little but its so good)

  • that break
  • that key change
  • that tempo change
  • that chorus
  • A+ first single

*Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj – Swish Swish: 5/5 (finally a good single from Katy, fight me)

  • classic Katy + refined Katy = good pop music
  • Nicki feature actually fits well
  • Should have been the first single, its the perfect choice for one, a radio banger with easy lyrics

*Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes: 2.5, maybe a 3/5




People are too afraid. And I don’t mean of the dark…or spiders…

I think people are too afraid of other people. What other people think of you, what other people see you as. As hard as it may seem to wrap your brain around this, I need you to wrap your brain around this: It. Does. Not. Matter.

What other people think simply does not matter.

Don’t let a person with absolutely no control over your decisions decide what you do for your life.

We won’t wear an outfit that we love because other people have deemed it as ugly and God forbid if some random bystander thinks we’re ugly.

But that’s just a shallow example of debilitating fear. It becomes deeper than that, it becomes more psychological than that. A fear so intensifying that it is a part of our every waking moment.

The fear we feel when we are judged for our mistakes. When a screw up is so bad that it’s life changing, people won’t let you forget it. They will mark you forever as that mistake. We then develop a fear of people themselves, a fear of even going to school or work or wherever.

Or we keep secrets from everyone, even those we love, to avoid the judgment.

We keep secrets that are slowly destroying us.

Because we don’t want to experience a persecution that, to us, seems like it could signify the end of life.

Keep in mind you were put on earth as an individual with individual choices and an individual opinion. Life is not meant to be determined by others or else we’d all be born together at the same time which sounds real weird.

Whoever is making your life a nightmare is probably living a nightmare themselves. Don’t let the light in your eyes dim because of those who have already become disillusioned.

Most importantly, don’t judge yourself so harshly.

The cliché proves true: YOU are your own worst enemy. Life is hard enough without you ripping out pieces of your own self-esteem.

Think of love as the last piece of cake on earth, you give a small piece to those who you trust and are closest to you, but save the biggest piece for yourself.


Side note: I wrote this so long ago, 2015 maybe but probably 2016 but it still seems relevant and idk. i felt like posting it so its out there somewhere.