Happy Black History Month pt. 9

(I know I’m a little late but these things happen and pt. 10 will still come out today lol)

So a long time ago I was hella bored and started watching Ted Talks when I stumbled across the name, Mellody Hobson. She talks about her field of expertise (financial literacy and running a business) from the perspective of a black woman in corporate America.

She is currently the president of an uber successful company, Ariel Investments (“one of the largest African-American-owned money management firms in the United States”) and has been since 2000. Mellody is the chair of the board for DreamWorks Animation, as well as serving on the boards for Starbucks and Estee Lauder (which is random but she’s rich so who cares?)
She’s also a super philanthropist and probably does more charity work than you’ll ever dream of trying to do in your lifetime 🙂


Mellody’s Ted Talk


Also if you want some details on her life:

Why Everyone Loves Mellody Hobson


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