Respectfully Disrespecting Our Nation

Yes, this is about the Kaepernick and various NFL players protests and all that. Just a heads up.

I don’t care too much about football. I find it enjoyable and will catch a game or keep up with what’s going on. But I think the athletes in American football are glorified to an unhealthy degree and I don’t get the obsession and I think some people take the sport WAY too seriously. When I found out a certain player decided he was going to use his status to do something and start a conversation, I became intrigued af. First off, I respect what Kaepernick is doing. A lot. He decided, on his own and all alone, that he was going to stop standing for the anthem…ALONE. He didn’t care who was going to get mad or all the stares he would get. He made the decision and went through with it. That by itself, to me, is an admirable thing.



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