Jesus Loves Me, This I Know Pt.1

Trump keeps claiming himself to be a Christian. As a Christian, one follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, right? That’s like a kindergarten definition of the term, but Trump doesn’t even seem to understand that. I am by far not someone who has much authority on the faith and I am not claiming to be the perfect Christian. But I can recognize when someone is using God’s name for the wrong reasons. I can recognize when someone is using God’s name just to “win the vote.” Read the Bible, and tell me if your overlord Trump really knows what it means to be a follower of Christ. Lemme tell you, Jesus didn’t get his butt beat, nailed to a cross, die, and rise from the dead for Trump to use his name to win an election. He did it so that we could could be purified of sin with his blood and so we have a chance at Heaven and all that good stuff.

Anyways. Here’s a few versus about love and compassion and other things that i don’t think overlord Trump has read or would even understand. Especially considering his stance on immigration, undocumented immigrants, and Mexicans and Muslims.

Luke 6:31 – Do unto others as you would have them to unto you

// Why Trump don’t get this? Easy, he wants to keep out people who just want a chance to have a decent life. A life away from failing governments, failing economies, war, and violence. Adults who just want to make a comfortable life for their kids. Refugees are literally running away from bombs everyday and you’re scared of them coming here to drop bombs on us?? Dude you’re blessed to live in this country, but if America was going through what Syria is going through, you’d be the first to take your private jet out of here to live somewhere else. And what if they didn’t want you there? SOL I guess. Have some perspective, put yourself in their shoes. Do for them, what you would want to them to do for you. Mutual respect is important. They are human just like you, they have families just like you. All of humanity is one in the same, no one is above the rest. You and your followers seem to have forgotten that.

Genesis 1:27 – So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. & John 4:8 – Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

// Why Trump don’t get this? Well, I combined these two for a reason. God made us in his image. We aren’t meant to BE  a God, but we are meant to strive to be godlike. We are meant to follow the paths he laid out for us, right? We’re supposed to want to have the characteristics God has. And John 4 goes on to say God is love. Well if we are made in His image, we should also be love right? Humans – God’s image, God – love, Humans – love. Like that. But when Trump says things like slapping around protesters is okay and is something that needs to be done, I have a hard time believing he knows what “love thy neighbor” means. A Black Lives Matter protester was beaten and shoved out of a rally, Trump: “What he was doing was disgusting.” Trump calls his supporters “passionate” and if grown men want to beat up someone because they disagree with them, that isn’t passion. That’s what children do because they don’t know how to deal with their problems in a civilized manner. Trump supporters often claim to be Christian, yet seem to be okay when “thy neighbor” gets beaten to a black and blue pulp and put in the hospital. They seem to condone Trump’s attitudes toward people who disagree with him, they condone grown men sucker punching grown men for holding up protest signs. I’m young, and haven’t been on earth very long but I don’t think that is the “love” God was talking about. God is love, we must be godlike. Trump claims to know God, claims to follow Christ. God is love. And yet here are his supporters, responding to peaceful protesters, immigrants, refugees with hate and ignorance and violence and disgust. The amount of malice and animosity these people seem to have for anyone of color is terrifying. I’ve never hated someone for such a small reason, like the color of their skin that is produced through the amount of melanin their body has. I’ve met atheists with more love in their hearts, who respect Christians as people and learn to live with each other in peace. People who have denounced God, who don’t even believe a God exists, have more respect and love for the people that disagree with them than these people who call themselves Christian Trump supporters. If you’re voting for Donald because he labels himself a Christian, you’re not competent enough to vote. Love is supposed to bring us together. Trump wants to divide us from everyone who isn’t ‘American’ or as I like to think, he wants to divide White people in America from literally every person who’s not White in America. Love is kind. He could care less about being kind. Being godlike sounds kinda hard I admit, we can’t be perfect but God does not expect us to be. But he does have GREAT expectations of His people. Donald, in my opinion, is failing his God. And yet I know God still loves him. Hence the title: Jesus Loves Me, This I Know. He loves me and I know it, because the Bible tells me so. This section is long, because there are so many mentions of love in the Bible and one of Donald’s great shortcomings is his inability to have love and compassion for people who are from worlds very different from his own. He lacks perspective and understanding. Love your neighbor as yourself. Please understand this, any Trump supporter. Those who do not love do not know God. Trump says he’s Christian, but labeling yourself that does not mean you know God. I don’t think Trump understands that we have to love even those we don’t get along with, and we’re supposed to love our enemies. Immigrants aren’t enemies, but if he sees them as such then he is still supposed to love them according to God. And yet…he treats them all like filth and animals, like they aren’t human beings.

To lighten things up a bit for a quick second, here is Obama dragging Trump a few yrs ago:

I just want to also say, that the lady who whined to me on Twitter talked about how jokes at the expense of someone else is not humor. And yet all Trump does is make jokes at the expense of others and mocks people. Goes to show how Trump’s people don’t mind being hypocritical as well as delusional, unkind, and racist. Even if you don’t outwardly show those behaviors like him, you supporting a man like that shows that you are okay with people who do such things and deep down you want to do them too. I used to think people weren’t racist because racism is dumb and illogical, but its really cause a lot of people seemed to be hiding their racist sentiments in fear of being shunned by society. But now we have a political figure who is openly racist and thrives on it, I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SEE THE REJUVENATION OF THE WHITE SUPREMACIST MOVEMENT IN MY LIFETIME.

My dad is an evangelist and he goes around teaching the Bible and preaching at Churches I mean this man reads the Bible so much I think he’s read it twelve times all the way through. He studies every verse, every sentence, ever word, ever letter. He studies Hebrew words and breaks them down into parts and explains what each part means. Once during church service, another pastor was talking about how my dad knows all these crazy things and randomly asked him to say some random words in Hebrew and my dad literally knew every word and i did not know my dad knew Hebrew. Sorry I’m rambling cause I was super shocked I didn’t know my dad knew Hebrew so well, I coulda been Jewish lol. Anyways. I say all that to say my dad is very much a follower of Christ and has been since I was born. He’s been teaching the Bible for as long as I can remember. And I once asked him if he would vote for a candidate that did not believe in a God at all, but was a perfect leader who cared about the people and was very qualified. My dad without hesitation was like, “well yeah why wouldn’t I???? If he’s going to help people and he’s qualified yes. It doesn’t matter to me because even if he does not believe in God, I do and I know that God loves us equally. Even those who choose not to believe in Him, He loves them anyway just like he loves me. And God doesn’t love me any more or less than he loves an atheist man. I believe in God and I know he loves people even if those people don’t love Him back” And I ain’t saying my dad is a saint because he is not at all. He’s just rational and understands what God’s whole message is. I see Christians like my mom or my dad or some people I went to church with my whole life, and then I look at Trump and they don’t match up. Love, compassion, and understanding is the variable that separates them.

Matthew 6:24 – No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate one and love the other, or you will be devoted  to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money

//Why Trump don’t get this? Well easy. Do you know how often he says “I’m rich” with those orange duck lips of his. SO much. In fact I hear him talk more about his riches and his money than God, and most of the time he brings up how he’s rich it is irrelevant to the topic being discussed. He talks more about, I’m a business man I got money I can save this country cause I’m rich more than he says, I’m a man of God. The most I’ve heard him even mention something related to God is “I am a Christian” and that is literally it. Like…that’s nice but so?????  Having pride in your accomplishments is fine, but if that’s all you’re ever gonna talk about, is how rich you are, then it is a problem. A lot of people use the argument of: Trump is a business man and he’s so rich and has so much money he knows how to handle money he can make the economy good again and this and that. Well hate to break it to ya, in recent history the majority of his investments and ventures have failed.

Donald Trump’s 16 Biggest Business Failures and Successes

Here is a link to some of his biggest successes and his biggest failures. Yeah, he’s made some good choices but look at all the terrible ones he’s wasted money on. I feel like people think Trump being a business man is the answer to their prayers when really he’s lost a lot of money in some dumb investments. But if a billionaire loses a couple million, it’s like nothing. The average American can in NO WAY relate to this. He literally has millions of dollars to waste on whatever failure he wants. Money is more important to him I can almost guarantee it.

Leviticus 19:33-34 – When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself…

//Why Trump don’t get this? Well this was said to Israelis in relation to them being foreigners in Egypt. And honestly I should not even have to discuss this one. It is so painfully obvious. But the way Trump talks about immigrants, even those who came here and went through all of the crap to become legal citizens, is downright a disgrace (as Bernie would say). The way he talks about immigrants and people of color, the way he generalizes Mexican Americans and Mexicans/ American born Muslims and Muslim immigrants, is honestly the worst thing I have ever witnessed from someone trying to be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITES STATES A COUNTRY BUILT BY IMMIGRANTS. All Mexicans are rapists, All Muslims want to bomb the US. He may as well have just said that and be even more openly racist than he already is. And here is a Bible verse that very blatantly says make sure not to mistreat foreigners and to treat them as if they are natives to your land, and to love them  and welcome them with open arms. IT IS SAID SO PLAINLY I DON’T KNOW HOW IT COULD BE ANY MORE SIMPLE. Trump wants to build a wall to keep people out. I honestly don’t know why he thinks that’s gonna work or how the actual heck to pay for it. It’s not a long term solution, and will not have a positive effect on this country. PLUS THE MEXICAN PRESIDENT ALREADY GAVE HIM A BIG F U. I just don’t see how a Christian could have such negative feelings about immigrants and speak of them as if they are lesser beings who aren’t as human as Americans (white Americans). I mean…America was founded by people immigrating from Europe. SO??? I’m just trying to help you connect the simple dots here. Immigrants kicking out other immigrants doesn’t make sense. There’s no reasoning.

Some random lady, Ann Coulter, (who I think is Trump’s concubine) says some crazy stuff sometimes. She will agree with him til her dying breathe. She literally talks about how she wouldn’t want a businessman to be president, but makes an exception for Trump and makes exceptions for a few other things. She hates immigrants as much as he does, and that must be beautiful to him. If you don’t watch any other video, watch this video of her talking about anti-immigration TO A BUNCH OF WOMEN FROM IMMIGRANT FAMILIES. LOLOLOL. omg i can’t. If you watch no other video on this essay, watch this one, even if you hate the view.  (start at 4: 28 if you wanna skip her kissing Donald’s you know what and get to the immigration stuff). They asked her if she was a native American, and this bish said “I come from settlers not immigrants” THAT AIN’T NATIVE AMERICAN BISH, they immigrated and settled here. And she talkin about how all these immigrants on welfare when we got so many Americans on welfare who are misusing that welfare.  How about we focus on those Americans misusing it instead of worrying about immigrants who NEED it because they are poor because they take the poor paying jobs no one else wants. Also poor undocumented immigrants cannot benefit from social policy like welfare so they are SOL and not taking your welfare money calm down. I don’t like this immigrant bashing that seems to be so comfortable to people like Ann and Donald. They must not skim the Bible or go to church every once in a while…Christians huh?

I know a lot of you may think, well I know Trump is dumb. We all know that, this essay is pointless because I already know Trump is a hypocritical, racist, xenophobic terrorist thin lipped prick (pardon my language) who gets off at the sound of his own name. Well, most of us do know that but he is WINNING HIS PARTY’S NOMINATION so obviously a lot of people out there are being fooled and misguided by him. Like that jerk who harassed me on Twitter. So that’s why I did this. 🙂

Now look, this is already a long post. I will put this up as a Part 1 and maybe do a part 2 some time in the future maybe not. Idk. But I could say a lot more. Okay bye. Love you. Jesus loves you, I love you, Donald loves you unless you are brown. K bai.